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About Us

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A world of travel inspiration

Experee launched in 2016 to profile the world’s best experiences and tours. With 17992 products available on 5 continents and growing, trust Experee to be your global source of amazing experiences.

Our vision

We believe that travel should be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. However it is so often the case that you can’t find out about the possible experiences until you arrive, or until its too late. We bring you the knowledge before you travel to ensure you get the most out of your time and every booking is covered by the Experee Guarantee.

Based on our industry experience we created two typical customers. Pablo and Claudia both have exacting demands for how they travel and define everything we do for the wider community. We’ve modelled the Experee customer journey round their journeys and how Experee can enhance their lives.

What makes us different?

By nature we are a dynamic, curious, go-getting bunch. We believe that by having ethical relationships with our suppliers and customers at the same time as protecting those people and things that mean the most to us, we can maintain our values and deliver the perfect service every time.

Why book with Experee?

Booking protection

If things don't go to plan we protect your booking to ensure you are fully refunded*. We work closely with suppliers & customers every step of the way.

Always ethical

We will never sell or promote anything that has a negative impact on wildlife, the environment or the lives of people.

Never pay more

The price you see is the best available price, direct from the supplier. We handle the money meaning you can concentrate on having fun.

Verified suppliers

We check out everything we sell and send anonymous product testers to make sure activities meet the grade.

Real reviews

Every review on Experee is from real customers, guaranteed. No fake reviews, no biased opinions.


Use our messaging system to communicate directly with the activitity provider, making sure you have all you need for an amazing trip.

17,992 tours

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Rewards Points

Introducting Experee Rewards, our customer loyalty programme that empowers you to earn and spend points on future experiences, tours and attractions globally.

Every time you make a purchase through Gift Rewards you will earn points on eleigible purchases. You can then use your rewards points on Experee or any partner website towards discounts and even free tours and experiences.

Earning points

Every time you make a purchase on Experee, you'll earn rewards points at 1 point for every £1 spent. When you have reached 6000 points (£1,200 spend) you will automatically be promoted to Gold tier status.

  • Purple Tier is our mandatory membership level and is available to everybody
  • Points are valid for 6 months from the transaction date
  • You'll earn points every time you make a purchase whilst logged into Experee.com
  • Earn Bonus points for providing feedback, referals and more

Spending points

  • Once you have earned points you will be instantly able to redeem your points against future purchases. Receive great discounts up to free experiences, tours and excursions.
  • Valid on a Global range of 17992 products

You. Are. Here.

When we set out to create Experee, we only wanted one thing. To broaden your horizons with award winning tours, experiences and excursions wherever you travel.

Welcome to the world. Welcome to Experee.