Worldwide Wellbeing Experiences for 2018
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Worldwide Wellbeing Experiences for 2018

With the start of a new year, lots of people use the opportunity to create resolutions for themselves, whether that refers to self-improvement goals or bucket list activities. The reality is though that by now, January 17th, the majority of resolutions will already have failed. In fact, approximately 80% of New Years resolutions fail by February and overall a mere 8% of the people who set goals for themselves actually go through with them.

Why not make this year the year of self-care and mind broadening experiences rather than setting unachievable goals? Instead of going for the traditional resolutions we’ve been thinking of things that you could do for yourself. In our modern world, we are so reliant on technology to relieve stress, that in this week’s blog we have compiled the best ways for you to improve self-care and mental health through travel.

Here are the things we suggest for this year and beyond - whether it’s the start of the year or not:

1) Take Time To Relax

One thing we often forget is to simply take it easy. Many people in the 21st century have a tendency to overdo it and to neglect resting and taking breaks when they need them. Instead, make more time for relaxation, ensure you sleep 8 hours every night and take some time out for the occasional massage or spa treatment, both during everyday life and on holiday. There are so many relaxing experiences around the world like spa treatments in Thailand, Bali, Greece, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hungary or New Zealand. However, you could also opt for a trip to the Dead Sea, a hot spring or Hammam Bath experience if you’d rather experience the relaxation nature has to offer!

2) Meditate Every Day

This year, place more emphasis on mindfulness. Mindfulness helps in becoming more aware of your internal state and your emotions - and meditation is much easier to incorporate into your life than you may think. 10 minutes a day are enough! Meditation is a natural stress releaser, healthy for body and mind and makes you more focused and productive. Take your meditation practice even a level further and go on a retreat in India or South Korea to take the time to experience something life-changing.

3) Try Something New and Unusual

As great as routines can be - try not to get stuck in them and instead do more things that you’ve never tried before. Why not try to make 2018 the year you try some new things that excite you and make you feel accomplished? Get that adrenaline rush with a skydive, bungee jump or extreme swing experience, or embark on a mission of self-improvement and spend one week to one month learning martial arts in the North of Thailand at the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat in Chiang Mai!

4) Exercise Regularly

Being active in everyday life has shown multiple benefits - physically and mentally. Apart from the obvious health benefits, like a healthier weight and the reduction of the risk of various illnesses including diabetes, heart disease and cancer, exercise also simply raises the the levels of endorphins, ultimately making you feel happier! Since we all know that stretching our goals mostly leads to us not sticking to them, set smaller exercise goals: Aim to be physically active at least once a week, whether that is a short walk or going to the gym. Exercise also helps you get your mind off things, aiding the resolution to take more time for yourself and to relax more. Hike the Inca Trail, try getting into yoga or maybe opt for something even lighter, like Tai Chi. Reduce stress and improve your physical health at the same time!

5) Spend Time at the Beach

Getting away from routine and travelling to a new destination is a sure way to improve your quality of life. Where better to go to escape your daily life and relax than a white sandy beach? Take some time out, put your phone away and make your way to paradise. Head to Ile-aux-Cerfs Island on Mauritius for the opportunity to sunbathe under coconut trees and swim in turquoise waters, spend a few days on China’s tropical island Hainan or experience the paradise Ko Samet in Thailand.

6) Travel Solo

Travelling alone is really something you should do for yourself. What better way to enjoy some me time than to do it on your holidays when you don’t have to make any compromises? Travel is a fast way to grow on a personal level: take charge of your own wellbeing and embark on a journey by yourself! You can travel pretty much anywhere alone, whether you prefer a city break, a beach or a backpacking trip further away from home. If you’ve never travelled by yourself, we would suggest a city break to a culturally significant place where you will get to see a lot and there is plenty to do and experience. Why not stay in Europe and explore Lisbon or Barcelona? The advantage of both cities? Not only are they stunningly beautiful, easy to reach and affordable as a solo traveller - they also have a beach where you can relax by yourself and fully detach from your everyday stresses. If you’re up for more of a long-haul solo adventure, discover the city-state Singapore or venture all the way to Rio de Janeiro!

7) Learn a New Skill

In 2014 I went scuba diving in Malaysia. Ever since I told myself that one day I would do a PADI Open Water Course - and then I quickly forgot about it. It is not uncommon to have the goal to acquire a new skill whenever a new year starts. However, learning a new skill requires commitment and in daily life we often get busy again and forget all about it. Despite being one of the more traditional resolutions, it is a great idea to try to learn a new skill. Never stop learning - it helps to grow as a person, boost our self-esteem and do things more efficiently, ultimately leading to preserved energy and less stress! When setting the goal of mastering a new skill, opt for one you are really passionate about to increase the chances of sticking to it! It is also a good idea to not do it alone - take a friend with you for extra support and accountability. Fully immerse yourself in the task to retain what you have learnt. Whether your goal is learning how to surf, climb and abseil, take professional photos, cook or make pottery - the key to mastering a skill is practice and dedication!

Creating new habits can be hard and pressuring yourself into sticking to everything does not help. Nonetheless, writing about this has given me some inspiration and I might just book that meditation retreat that has been on my mind for so long … What self-care experiences are you looking to try this year?

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Lorena S
Lorena is responsible for the Content Marketing at Experee and one of the Experee blog writers. Having lived in five different countries in Europe and Asia, she is always ready to explore more places around the world and knows our destinations inside out!

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