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Discover Budapest with Hungaria Koncert

Experee has been working with Hungaria Koncert for just under 2 years now. They bring amazing experiences and tours for our customers to complete during their stay in Budapest.  Their Online Sales Representative Susanna is local to the area and thus a great person to speak to to find out about Budapest's highlights and 'must visits'.  

1. Why do you think Budapest is such a unique destination, in comparison to other cities in Europe?

With its hundreds of years of history and immense cultural heritage, Budapest cannot be described as anything other than unique.

It is a bustling metropolis with an immersive cultural and social life that is sure to enchant each of its visitors. Divided in two parts by the mighty River Danube, both parts of Budapest - Buda and Pest - represent distinct topographical and atmospheric virtues. The plain Pest side serves as the vibrant cultural and economic centre of the city with countless leisure opportunities, world renowned museums, Art Nouveau architecture, stunning nightlife and one of the most beautiful and largest parliament buildings in the world.

2. If you were visiting Hungary as a tourist, which areas would you explore and why?

The area of your visit mostly depends on your personality and interest, however a visit to the Castle District in Buda, the oldest part of the city, should truly be an essential part of anyone’s travels in Budapest. The Hungarian Parliament and the St. Stephen’s Basilica are also fabulous sights to be admired. The most spectacular view of the whole city is presented from the River Danube and from its banks, so anyone who are eager to get an extensive outlook of the city’s beauty should take a walk on the shores, or embark on a river cruise.

For those who feel like the night is calling, the Jewish District, also known as the party district of Budapest, is an ideal place to let loose. With its bars, clubs and mind-blowing atmosphere party animals will surely not be disappointed.

3. What makes Budapest such a special spa and thermal bath destination in comparison to other destinations such as Bath, England and Prague, Czech Republic?

With the most extensive thermal spring system running beneath its cobblestoned streets, Budapest is one of the most prominent thermal bath destinations in Europe - bathing experiences. The bathing culture in the area of Budapest has been known for over two millennia as the Ancient Romans were the first to use the miraculous healing waters in the region, naming the city Aquincum, the city of water.

With its eight world-class thermal baths, which are amongst the largest in Europe, and world-renowned healing waters, Budapest is certainly a place for bath lovers!

Szechenyi Spa, Budapest

4. Hungaria Koncert have a brilliant range of tours for visitors to experience Budapest, from dinner cruises on the River Danube to Hungarian Folklore in the Danube Palace and Jewish Heritage Tours, each taking visitors on a cultural journey. What makes the activities Hungaria Koncert offer so special and which is your favourite?

With most of our activities focused on culture and pleasure, we believe that getting acquainted with a city’s history and artistic heritage should be entertainment and we created each of our services according to this principle. From the concerts to the cruises and even the party experiences, all of the activities are provided and guided or entertained by professionals in their fields to provide the best experience you can have. With its small and family oriented crew, our Hungaria Koncert aims not just to provide the best quality services, but also to make you feel at home in the process.

My personal favourite of all of our activities has to be the Wine Tasting Cruise at 7PM. With Budapest slowly turning into dusk, changing magnificently into a stellar spectacle of glittering lights, you sample glasses of the famous local nectars and promptly realise what’s so special about this city.

Wine Tasting Cruise, Danube River

5. If you could give a traveller to Budapest one piece of advice to ensure they have the best time in your city, what would that be and why?

Don’t be afraid to step off the yellow brick road of conventional experiences!

Segway Tour, Budapest

6. What is the most exciting thing about your job working in tourism in Budapest?

It is kind of hard to pick out one specific from the vast opportunities a career in Budapest’s tourism scene can offer. If I had to pick one thing, I would definitely go with our community as “the most exciting thing”. As I previously mentioned, the homey, family atmosphere that is definitive for the whole of Budapest tourism and the amazing business relationships we get to build truly create an amazing working atmosphere. This attitude and the love that we share with each other and the industry is, I believe, what gives our experiences that intangible, special flavour that is so hard to resist.

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Katie R
I’ve been fascinated with travelling for a long time which lead me to gain my BA Hons in Tourism and Marketing Management. My favourite part of travelling is discovering new cuisine, food is my life! With mainland Europe on our door step its so easy to hop across for a weekend and check out new places. My destination bucket list is continually growing - Reykjavík and Canada are being ticked off in 2017!

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