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Room Escape Amsterdam

About the provider

Room Escape Amsterdam is powered by Kunstgras Events and currently has four rooms in Amsterdam West. All 4 rooms are in the same building and each room has its own theme. We are often asked which room is best? This is very dependent on your group. Read the descriptions of the rooms for yourself, "The Bunker", "Vietnamese Victim", "Quarantine 2.0" and "Room 8". There you can instantly see the availability and possibly book a room.

Room Escape at your location
Room Escape Amsterdam Beside our own Room Escape in Amsterdam, and where you are more then welcome, there is now the ability to play an escape game at your location. We currently have 4 different game concepts, the Room Escape Challenge, Room Escape Tents, our Room Escape Bus and our City Escape Game. You can play these games with up to 2,000 participants.

What's available here

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