Northern Lights Flight, Gatwick

Fiona Edinburgh

Reviewed on: 16/02/2016

This experience is OUT OF THIS WORLD...I almost don't know where to start!

My flight began when I arrived at the meeting point where we were shown an amazing presentation given by our Astronomers for the evening. I was lucky enough to have 3 on my flight and one was also the professional photographer for the BBC Sky at Night show. This presentation was so fun, informal and full of facts that I could relate to... no difficult NASA-jargon, I couldn’t wait to board the plane!

We were welcomed on board the flight and had a coffee and sandwich and the atmosphere was buzzing with all the excitement! The staff then started putting black tape over all the lights so the cabin was fully blacked out and we weren't allowed any LED screens, so our night-vision could adjust. We then flew up towards Iceland and flew around in massive circles, so one side of the plane could see the northern lights and the other could see the constellations... which was AMAZING! While we were stargazing and watching the sky light up with the colours of the aurora, the Astronomers were explaining all about the science behind both, over the tannoy. You could see the stars so clearly and I was amazed at how quickly the aurora moved, as I’ve never seen it in real life before.

We landed 3 hours later and everyone on board was so in awe and inspired by this breathtaking experience... I just wanted to go straight back up! Couldn't recommend this more, easily the best 6 hours of my life and worth every penny!

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